Hair Restoration

8 days to recover damaged hair

It is not necessary to do research to reach the conclusion that 10 out of 10 women simply hate damaged hair. It’s not for the least, is it? Ugly, brittle hair that is the result of unsuccessful or repeated chemical processes to exhaustion or that looks unpleasant for some other reason is a real ghost in the life of all of us who make a point of always displaying beautiful and healthy strands.

Why does this happen?

Because when the threads are submitted to treatments such as dyeing, brushing and straightening, for example, the capillary fiber is exposed and consequently unprotected, which leads to a boring process of dehydration. Once vulnerable and held hostage by external agents, the threads lose their elasticity and break. In short, this is how the damage occurs.

Is it possible to recover damaged wires?

Yes, it is possible, friend! As for that, rest assured. There are ways to treat them with the affection they deserve and to have again very beautiful threads and again with a good look of seeing and feeling. Today, we will give here some clever tips on how to move away this ghost that so much haunts us and recover the damaged threads in some way. Shall we go to them? Take a look at the list below.

Detox them, girl!

A valuable tip to be followed is to make an intense detoxification of the scalp. In addition to removing impurities, this process helps to enhance the effect of recovery products used in the sequence.

Attention at the time of washing

Damaged hair, as you may already imagine, requires even more intense care. One of them concerns the temperature of the water. If bathing with hot water is not good for healthy hair, can you imagine the damage it does not do to the most sensitive?

Gold tip: pour the amount of shampoo into a container and insert the same amount of water. Why is that? Because this way, diluted in water, the product doesn’t accumulates in your threads neither in your scalp and cleans in a more distributed way in all the extension of your hair.

What’s your comb, huh?

Did you know that choosing the ideal accessory is also very important? It may sound silly, but it is essential to use a comb with wooden bones and with more spaced bones. This spacing is necessary to avoid friction during brushing. Ah, there is something else! Start brushing the tips and go up, ok? And don’t forget: sensitive threads need to be treated with even more affection and great care. Stay on the type of comb you use.

Shoo, flat iron and dryer!

Ok, you already know that, but it does not cost to reinforce. Flat and dryer are harmful to the health of threads in normal conditions and, not for nothing, should be used with much, very caution. Daily use only tends to damage them. If they are already in need of recovery, right there you should give a good pause in the use of these devices not to harm them even more. The further away your wires are from them, the faster your recovery process will be.

Will a shredded cut go there?

Is your hair more damaged at the ends? Then a good cut is a practical option. If your strands are too damaged in this part and the recovery tends to be too slow, consider adopting a new cut to get rid, once and for all, of the bad result of an unsuccessful chemical process. Take the opportunity to make that cut a little more radical than you have thought for some time, but you haven’t had the courage yet. Revitalized in the look are always welcome.

Damaged hair deserves a supernutrition

Vitamins, amino acids, silicone and essential oils are some examples of nutrients that can not be missing in the recovery process of damaged threads. When you are going to adopt a product line with the mission of giving life back to your threads, stay on this, ok? Nourished hair is healthy and very beautiful hair.

Nutrition from the inside out? Yes, ma’am!

A food rich in iron, vitamin D and zinc is a great partner for hair that needs to be recovered. Go to a nutritionist and fall in a balanced diet. Your highlights will show the result.

Special Leads Care Tip

Leads Care has products for all kinds of hair, you know. What maybe you still don’t know is that we have a line of products whose mission is to recover threads that have suffered some kind of damage and that have lost the beauty of before. A great example is Mary Help line, which comes to save chemically treated hair.