Hair Renewal

How to restore hair?

Any problem has its own methods of solving! The main rule of the best recovery for your hair is to provide competent care.

Dry Hair, treatment and restoration of damaged hair structure

  • Use very delicate shampoos to treat split hair and damaged ends. They are slightly applied to the hair at the roots. For the rest it is sufficient that the hair care product flows down on the hair while washing.
  • Hair dryer for shine. Direct the air jet only towards the tips, then the hair scales will lie smoothly and the hair will shine. Dried brittle hair will require treatment, to avoid destruction – set the average temperature and air jet power. Hair dryer should be kept at a distance, this will prevent damage to the hair! To ensure full recovery of split hair, do not use a hair dryer.
  • Protect cosmetic oils. The deepest restoration of dry hair occurs after applying special masks, using oils. Rosemary oil, sage and avocado extracts protect each hair, enveloping but not weighing, and thus perfectly restore dry hair after coloring, provide treatment of the hair tips, create the necessary level of moisture. The regenerating oil treatment of the hair is carried out once a week, just before washing. The procedure is simple: oil is rubbed into dry hair, combed and left for half an hour. You can wrap your hair with a thin towel and shampoo afterwards. To eliminate brittleness, apply the same treatment as for split ends after coloring.

Oily hair – treatment and stabilization of sebaceous glands

Daily cleaning is necessary. Effective treatment of excessive fatty hair in women and men begins with proper washing. Oily hair can be washed daily with a delicate shampoo.

  • Do not use excessively hot water. After all, it dries the hair and activates the production of excessive fat with sebaceous glands. This gives them weight, prevents them from styling properly. It is recommended to wash your head with slightly warm water, and then rinse it cold. For gentle restoration after coloring, set the hair dryer in a low temperature mode, natural drying is desirable!
  • Easy care products. Remove heavy cosmetic products: intensive products, nourishing hair masks. For oily strands of roots, rinses are applied to the tips. Ideal for super-light products: non-abrasive sprays. Modern salon procedures include the selection of special professional products for the treatment of scalp and hair prone to oily.
  • Comb your hair properly! The curls need to be brushed a few minutes in different directions to restore hair shine and normalize circulation.

How to stop the aging of your hair?

The first signs of aging hair (thinned fiber, weakened and broken blood flow to its root) appears from 25-30 years of age. As a result: losing pigment, forming a different diameter of the rod, dull color, weakness and hair loss.

It is important to clarify the causes of hair loss in women in order to offer effective treatment and get good results. In women, hair loss is usually diffuse. That is, it covers the entire hair cover of the head, and can be associated with stress, endocrine, metabolic disorders.

In general, the treatment of hair loss for men and women is significantly different. Hair loss in men is mainly hereditary and associated with high levels of androgens (male sex hormones). It is accompanied by aggravating factors: seborrhea and dandruff, has a localized and progressive character. What exactly led to hair loss, its main causes and the correct treatment is better to clarify with specialized experts.

Preventive treatment of hair in men and women, to restore the strength of aging hair includes:

  • Use of special shampoos. Hair care with signs of aging is primarily the use of shampoos that slow down the body’s natural processes. They contain ceramides that penetrate the entire length of the hair and restore its structure. Vitamins E, В₅, PP strengthen the hair root. Vitamin nourishing complexes will also be useful to restore colored hair after a chemical curl.
  • Additional anti-aging care. There are also special products that slow down the aging of the hair, including Aminexyl, which prevents the process of hardening of collagen and necrosis of the hair follicles. The product is applied to washed hair without moisture and is not washed with water.

Salon procedures and professional hair restoration imply a comprehensive approach, under the supervision of a specialist.