Musical Tips: Getting Great Feeling

I enjoy listening to other drummers, to listen to where they’re coming from musically and what motivates their options. I frequently share my observations with colleagues while shooting the breeze. My concerns framing the conversation are constantly the very same; “What makes this drummer excellent?” “What separates him from the remainder of the pack?” “What drives his musical selections and reactions?” Just recently, a bass gamer associate paid me praise by informing me that I play “exactly on the beat; not ahead or behind.” I was elated, up until I understood I didn’t know precisely what he meant. Musicians frequently examine the well-worth of drummers with expressions like, “Behind or ahead of the beat”, or “Fun time and also feel.” However, what do these phrases actually suggest?

Even if I can not translate these expressions into specifics, does not imply that others are clueless. What it means, is that I think of these qualities in various music terms. I’d like to share these with my fellow drummers and also instrumentalists. Here are 5 music ideas for achieving a terrific feel and also groove.

Feel Trumps Time

Do not stress over your total time. Rather address the inquiry, “Does it feel right?” There are countless examples of musicians quickening or slowing down in connection with a click track, as well as yet the total track still works. From a drummer’s viewpoint, I right away consider John Bonham as well as Levon Helm. Getting the best feeling will certainly deal with whatever.


Preserve focus on the component you’re implementing as well as exactly how it enhances the track you’re playing. Your selection of tools of the kit; what to leave in, what to omit, and also what to highlight will make all the difference. A drum track with little or no use of cymbals has a much different feel than one that leans heavily on them.

Weak Hand

Drummers– attempt leading with your weak hand. (Various other musicians might be able to apply this principle to their instrument.) Doing this location your more powerful hand on the weaker beats. With practice, this can alter the sensation of your musical phrases. An added reward is that the strong hand will usually be on the second-to-last stroke (weak beat). I describe this as the “top tone” of the expression. Stressing the leading tone brings added life and also the power to expressions. Articles have been written about this, as well as epic timpanist, Fred Hinger, made this leading tone concept the centerpiece of his teachings. Implement it and I believe you’ll see what I indicate.

Get Rid Of the Drummer Hat

Simple as well as easy: take a step back and also utilize your ears as a casual listener. Exactly how does your track audio currently? Play to a vast audience and also not just to fellow musicians from

Offer Notes Their Due

Be intentional and exact when playing note values. Drummers can reveal lengths of notes in addition to the type of assault or sustain. In some cases just understanding it is all you require. Nevertheless, if you wish to take it further, you can often achieve longer tones with dead strokes. This works truly well on the ride cymbal or kick drum. Longer noises can also be shared with press rolls, bigger crash cymbals, etc. Quick hi-hat splashes, smaller cymbals and promptly pulling the stick away from the drum head can help with much shorter audios. I’m not suggesting you go nuts with these things; do not allow it to obstruct your having fun. It’s supposed to improve your feeling.