Hair Transplantation

What is the direct hair implant?

The DHI method and the FUE

The FUE method is the most used technique in the hair transplant process. In fact the FUE and DHI systems are based on the same practice.

But the surgical pens are completely different.

The direct hair transplant, although effective, offers less hair density, it is also a more time consuming process and makes one feel that there is more spacing between the hair strands.

The FUE is thus the most popular and also most accessible method.

Both procedures are painless.

The interventions consist in the extraction of follicles, wire by wire, with a hair implant needle, in the form of a pen.

The follicular units are removed from the patient’s donor area, placing them where they are needed in the bald areas.

These procedures are not invasive and do not leave any kind of marks or scars.

The obsolete FUT method in which it was distinguished by the removal of the skin and follicles, has been replaced by the FUE technique, more effective and the DHI method, very identical, allows better healing but less capillary density.

Elithairtransplant, a highly regarded clinic, is one of the best in the area and has launched a pioneering hair transplant project. From DHI, it has perfected the method wire by wire, using an even more precise and thinner needle with Sapphire blade. It is the SDHI method.

The SDHI method – innovation and effectiveness

The SDHI (Saphire Direct Hair Implant) method, exclusive to elithairtransplant, developed by DR. Balwi, in Istanbul, presents the latest technology of the DHI method in hair transplant.

What is our secret? The Percutaneous Sapphire Blade Method. An even finer micro needle that ensures more effectiveness and a more natural result. The implant is performed on the first three lines at the top of the head, making a gentle degradation from the skin with the rest of the hair transplant, adjusting a more natural effect. Sapphire needles are available in different sizes (from 0.6 to 1.5 mm) and during the intervention they are adjusted according to the need to open the channels for the hair follicles.

Recovering the old appearance may be possible again with direct hair transplant.

How is it done?

The method consists in the extraction of follicular units, i.e., hair implant wire by wire, each follicle is harvested with a safe and perfect precision, without marks and pain.

The extraction is done through donor zones for receiving zones, prepared for the implantation of the follicles.

With the help of micro motors and a micro extractor assisted by a surgical steel perforator, the follicles are harvested, which will be transplanted later in the bald head region.

Another important part of the direct hair transplant is the preparation of the hairless area to receive the new follicles.

It is necessary to clean and open the pores of the scalp.

To implant the pen with percutaneous sapphire blade tip – SDHI method – is what allows to return the follicle to the scalp.

The sapphire blade has a much softer tip than the steel one in the classic FUE method, and therefore much more comfortable and promotes better healing, also reducing the risk of complications.

Advantages and disadvantages – what to know


  • Speed and efficiency of the follicle extraction process
  • Survival rate of hair follicles after implantation
  • Reduction of bleeding during the preparation of the receiving area
  • Painless
  • Rapid healing in the post-operative phase
  • It is the most effective and safe method for a more natural result


  • It is a very specialized technique, requires expertise and special training
  • It is a more expensive procedure when compared to other hair transplant methods

Does hair transplant cause pain?

The hair implant itself does not cause any kind of pain. What patients may feel is some discomfort from the sensation of the injection puncture when the liquid starts to spread and take effect. The anesthesia acts very quickly and when the follicles are implanted the area is already asleep. The hair implant is the most assertive and effective.

How does the anesthesia work?

The anesthesia is a fundamental procedure for the implantation of follicles. As already mentioned, the hair transplant itself does not inflict pain. The anesthesia procedure is completely safe and essential so that the whole area of the head where it is necessary to intervene is asleep.

You may eventually feel a slight discomfort in the scalp due to the needle puncture of the anesthesia injection. Nowadays, anesthesia is an essential tool in several professional areas of health, as for example in a dentist.

It is a local anesthesia, which means that you will be awake and perfectly conscious during the whole direct hair transplant operation.

A small hole is accurate enough to cover the necessary area. The needle is inserted into the skin horizontally, enters the nerves of the head and is gently removed.